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The Queen Emma Clinics is operated by The Queen's Medical Center in collaboration with the College of Health Sciences of the University of Hawai’i. The clinics strive to provide the highest quality health care, and have made a commitment to the high quality education of its health care professionals including: physicians, nurses, social workers and others.


The Queen Emma Clinics (QEC) was first opened in July 1947. Our mission is two-fold:


  • To continue the mission of The Queen’s Medical Center to fulfill the intent of Queen Emma and King Kamehameha IV to provide in perpetuity quality health care services to improve the well-being of Native Hawaiians and all of the people of Hawai‘i.
  • To provide a clinical training/teaching site for the students and resident physicians of the University of Hawai‘i (UH) John A Burns School of Medicine, its residency programs, and other UH health care programs.

In the spirit of Queen Emma, our staff will care for you with Compassion, Aloha, Respect, and Excellence (C.A.R.E. Values). We want to deliver the best service to you, so we welcome your suggestions. There are comment forms and drop boxes available in the waiting rooms.


If you have any questions about our services or wish to make an appointment, please call us at 691-4970. Mahalo for being a part of our ‘ohana!


Map and Directions for Queen Emma Clinic

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Directions: The Queen Emma Clinics is located at the Queen Emma Tower ground floor. If available, the lobby information desk may also assist with directions.
1. From the front lobby, veer left past the Women’s Health Center and Café. Turn right past the elevators then right again down the ramp. Keep going until you reach sliding doors on your left.
2. From the front lobby, veer right go up the ramp, turn right, then left past the restrooms. Continue down the ramp past the stairs and follow the walkway, turn left and keep going until you reach sliding doors on your right.  



Your health care provider most often will be a doctor associated with the University Of Hawai‘i John A. Burns School of Medicine. Some of these doctors are resident physicians, who are licensed doctors receiving specialized training. They are always supervised by our attendings, physician specialists who are professors at the School of Medicine. Physician subspecialty Attendings provide supervision and care for those who require highly specialized care. Medical students also see patients at QEC under close supervision of faculty physicians.

Other providers on the QEC team include nurse practitioners, nurses, social workers, medical assistants, patient educators, and pharmacists. This team approach means that you will receive care from a variety of professionals who are experts in their fields.



Primary Care Clinics

  • Adult Health (Internal Medicine)
  • Children’s Health (Pediatrics)
  • Women’s Health (Obstetrics and Gynecology)

The Queen Emma Clinics also offer many other subspecialty clinics.


Registration Information

Procedures for checking in

  • For new patients, a medical record and a business account will be started by our registrar before services are given.
  • On each visit to the Queen Emma Clinics, you must check in at our registration station to update your records and to make sure that you are properly directed to the right services. At this time, please make sure to tell the registrar any new information,like a new phone number, new insurance, name change, etc.


Information from Home

Before coming to the Queen Emma Clinics, please bring the following items:

  • Valid Picture Identification Card – Hawai‘i State ID, Hawai‘i Driver’s License, or Passport
  • Health Insurance Card
  • Health Records (such as immunization records for children, etc.)
  • Medications(It is helpful to bring your medications with you to your appointment.)


Medical Records

Your medical record is confidential. It is only available to your health care providers. Your medical record will not be released outside of The Queen’s Medical Center unless you give permission, or the information is essential for your own treatment by a doctor you are seeing at another facility.




  • Queen Emma Clinics participates with and accepts Medicare, Medicaid (including QUEST plans), HMSA, and most private health insurance plans.
  • Charges for all laboratory, diagnostic, and pharmacy services are separate from your Queen Emma Clinics charges.

If you have no insurance

  • We ask that you pay a minimum of $15.00 for services given to you on the day that you visit us.
  • Some patients may qualify for discounts based on ability to pay.
  • We will also ask you to see our financial advisor, who can help you to apply for some form of insurance like QUEST.


If you have urgent questions about your health

During Clinic Hours

  • Call your QEC primary care provider at 691-4970 for telephone advice.
  • Appointments can only be made during clinic hours.

After Clinic Hours

  • For Adults, Call 691-1000 (the Queen’s main operator).
  • For adult primary care, ask for the QEC doctor on-call.
  • For problems related to pregnancy or women’s health, ask for the QEC OB/GYN (obstetrician) on-call.
  • For children under 18, call 983-6000 (Kapi‘olani Medical Center for Women and Children) and ask for the QEC pediatrician on-call.

If your doctor feels that a visit to the emergency room is not needed, he/she will tell you how to get proper care. Although your insurance may cover emergency care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it may be best to call your primary care provider first unless you feel it is a matter of life or death. If it is a matter of life or death, call 911.


When should I use the Emergency Room?

You need to use the emergency room only when you feel your medical problem is a matter of life or death and medical care is needed right away. The following are examples of good and bad reasons to use the emergency room:


Good Reasons Bad Reasons
Severe difficulty breathing
Heart attack/severe chest pain
Deep cuts/severe bleeding
Gunshot/stab wounds
Loss of consciousness
Bad seizure
Broken arm or leg
Severe injury
Possible drug overdose
Severe burns
Regular cold
Regular cough
Minor headache
Broken cast
Prescription fill



What do I do when I use the Emergency Room?

  • Show your health insurance card and tell the Emergency Room staff which insurance plan you have.
  • Tell them QEC is your primary care provider.

It is important that you follow these steps for emergency care. If you do not, or if you use the emergency room for a problem that is not a medical emergency, your insurance may not cover your care and you will be required to pay for your care.


Parking & Transportation


Parking is available at the Miller Street Garage, the Physicians Office Building I and II (located on Lusitana Street) or the Physicians Office Building III (located on Lauhala Street.)

Validated parking is available only if you use these parking garages. Please bring your parking ticket with you to QEC.

Bus Transportation

Most buses going Ewa (west) can be caught on the corner of Punchbowl and Beretania streets.

Most buses going Diamond Head (east) can be caught on the corner of Punchbowl and South King streets.

For information on bus schedules or routes, call 848-5555 (The Bus Information Office).


Monday thru Friday:
8:00am to 4:30pm



Billing Questions:

Prescription Refill Line:

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